Why a Carfax alone will not be sufficient

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates more than 10 million crashes go unreported each year. This is a staggering statistic. Unfortunately an unreported accident will not show up in a Carfax car history report. What that means to you is that there are a lot of cars that have been in accidents, sometimes severe, that are being sold with a “Clean Carfax”…

Sales people are eager to hand out a Carfax like it’s candy, assuring you that the car is “accident free” even though they may have done major repairs before putting it on their lot.
Or let’s imagine that Bob runs off the road and rolls the car over into a ditch. Uncle Joe comes out and tows the car and fixes it up using baling wire and body filler. A year later that same car shows up at a dealer who picked it up cheap from an auction and guess what, it is being sold with a clean Carfax! This is an extreme example but you get the point.

Having the Paint Spy – Accident Detector in your pocket is your guarantee of the truth no matter what the sales person or the Carfax may say. Within minutes you will know whether the car is accident free or not!